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Not all ciders are created equal. Anthem is cider crafted from only a blend of fresh pressed apples and finished with only the juice of apples, pears, and cherries: all from farms in Oregon and Washington. A slow cold fermentation allows the character of each apple variety to express itself fully. The result: an off-dry cider with a unique complexity and depth, and a refreshing nature. Available only on draft.
Anthem Cider - A specialty blend of apple varieties from Oregon and Washington. The first 3 batches made from Newtown Pippin and Winesap from Heirloom Orchards in Hood River, Oregon. Apples we ferment will fluctuate seasonally and lend variations in Anthem's flavor profile from batch to batch. The apple varieties used and their contribution to the flavor profile will be listed on our website and on each keg by the batch. 6.2% ABV
Anthem Cherry - Anthem Cider finished with Oregon cherries. 1st batch, a blend of Queen Anne, Bing, Tart and Sweetheart cherries from Cherry Country in Salem, Oregon. 2nd batch, straight Tart cherries from Newberg, Oregon. Tart dry finish with rich cherry overtones. 6.2% ABV
Anthem Pear - Anthem Cider finished with a blend of Barlett and D' Anjou pears from Hood River, Oregon for the first 7 batches. Ripe pear aromas with a smooth unripe green pear skin finish. 6.0% ABV
Tap handles - Oregon sustainable or recovered wood available in Cherry, Curly or Quilted Maple, Oregon Oak, and Madrone

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