Our Ciders


Bloom Cider

Orchards: Hood River, OR Sweet and fruit forward “hints of tropical fruit” Pairings: Spicy food or on its own ABV 6.5% Available in 16.9oz, draft, and limited 12oz.


Wanderlust Cider

Orchards: Hood River & Culver, OR Semi-Dry and tart “warm ginger tone” Pairings: BBQ, Pork, or Cheddar ABV 6.9% Available in 16.9oz and draft


Oaked Dry

Orchards: Hood River, OR & Lebanon, NH Dry and spicy “mild clove bite” Pairings: Salami or Stinky Cheese ABV 6.8% (2009) 8.4% (2011) Available in 16.9oz and draft 1/2 & 1/6 barrel kegs – Limited Run Vintage 2011 Limited


Golden Russet Cider

Orchards: Ashland, OR Dry and fruit forward “rich honey aromas” Pairings: Roasted Duck or Aged Fontina ABV 9.8% Available in 16.9oz and draft Seasonal Limited


Wickson Crab Apple Cider

Orchards: Organically grown in Hood River, Oregon Dry, very tart, and fruit forward “strong citrus notes” Pairings: Halibut or Goat Cheese ABV 8.2% Available in 16.9oz bottles and 1/6 barrel kegs Seasonal Very Limited